Art of J & M on Instagram

More creative expressions from the girl and the boy over at Instagram.

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Plants vs. Zombies a'la J & M

They had their phase of addiction to these popular iPad game characters...

[ Plush toys for the girl and boy ]

By J
the field on paper

sketch after finishing his seat work in class

By M
her plant garden

her favorite 'walnut'


iPad: Celebration Cakes

[ Creating 'mom' cakes on the iPad ]

By M

By J

Gave mommy a chance to create her cake too!

Lego: J's Double Propeller Plane

[ Lego-building ]
J : This is my Lego plane, I thought about this model.

What's your favorite Lego model?


Earth Day 2011

Art activity at a Canon event for Earth Hour - March 2011- by J

[ Panda paper folding and collage ]

By J
J : The Panda is eating the bamboo in the jungle.

By M
M : Coconut is falling on panda's head!